Optical Illusions

Clever uses for Whiteboard Animations

Optical Illusions



Now you see it…. now you don’t. 


Optical illusions can use colour, patterns or light to trick your eye into seeing something that the brain thinks is something else. 


Optical illusions are stimulating your senses into taking data and turning it into something that sort of makes sense to you. However, it’s all in how your brain interprets what the eyes tell it.


 It can be a lot of fun designing a little bit of tricky visual slapstick to entertain your watchers. 


Optical illusions are often used to get people thinking out of their usual comfort zones. By seeing something different, it gets you to start to entertain the idea that you may not be as right about the world as you think you are.


In whiteboard animations, an optical illusion, judiciously used at the beginning of your presentation, can get people engaged with the rest of your message. People get fascinated. They’ll want to know more. 



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