A Master of Messaging

Lessons from the Art of Banksy


A master of the pop-up installation, backer of causes, and political provocateur, Banksy is the man who knows how to deliver a message on a whitewashed wall like no other! 


His work is worth studying for many reasons. Not least because he can pack a powerful message with a well-drawn image and a stimulating headline. 


This is what you need to master for your whiteboard animations. 


Banksy’s work rivets our attention. We are enamoured of the imagery, stimulated by the caption and are surprised that the artwork is there in the first place!


You never know where Banksy’s work will pop up. A wall; a ceiling; in New York or Timbukto. He plays his audience a merry dance, leading us all over the world on a stimulating art adventure.


Not only is he a good artist, he is a good messenger. He has the ability to synthesize and conceptualise ideas and language and put them to good use in his work.


When preparing your Whiteboard animation, you need to take a while to think and organise. Prepare your ideas with your audience in mind. Get to the point quickly. Get that message through in both the imagery and the words you choose. 


Banksy says he takes time to prepare properly, and so should you. You’ll get a much more interesting (and surprising) product if you do.

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