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How long will my voice over script go for?

We have made a little app to help you estimate how long it will take to read your script.

Select one of the following:

TypeRecording session durationBase Rates AUD (ex gst)
Announcements - liveper product/per hour750
Announcements - pre-recorded - eventsper product/per hour550
Announcements - pre-recorded - inflightper product/per hour550
Announcements - pre-recorded - otherper product/per hour550
Announcements - pre-recorded - railper product/per hour550
Animatics-Not for broadcastper product/per hour 
Audio bookper product/per hour340
Audio Tour - Real estate - per propertyper product/per hour200
Audio Tour - Gallery - per showper product/per hour550
Audio Tour - Trade show/otherper product/per hour550
Award Ceremony - liveper product/per hour750
Awards Ceremony - pre-recordedper product/per hour550
Case Studies-Not for broadcastper product/per hour
295 - 440
Case Studies-Onlineper product/per hour 
350 - 620
Cinema - 1 State *per product/per hour400 - 725
Cinema - More than 1 State *per product/per hour530 - 1055
Conference - liveper product/per hour750
Conference - pre-recordedper product/per hour550
Digital Media- AI-Artificial Intelligenceper product/per hour600
Digital Media - Appsper product/per hour450
Digital Media - Ads in Video streaming *per product/per hour530 - 1055
E-Learning - 1 module - 0 - 30 minsper product/per hour450
E-Learning - 1 module - 30 - 60 minsper product/per hour880
E-Learning – otherper word0.25 - minimum 125
Eventsper product/per hour 
550 - 880
Explainer Videoper product/per hour620
Foreign Narrationper script/per hour 
Foreign Narration - Pick upper script/per hour
Internet - Website Navigationper product/per hour650
Internet - IOT- Internet of Thingsper product/per hour650
Internet - You Tube, Vimeo, etc
per product/per hour
Internet -Social Mediaper product/per hour250
IVR - Full per product/per hour450 - 900
IVR - pick up promptsper product/per hour450
On-Hold messageper product/per hour190
Online Video Introper product/per hour250
Podcast - Narrationper product/per hour190
Podcast – Introper product/per hour100
Point-of-Sale /In-storeper product/per hour550
Post -Synchronisationper product/per hour
215 - 275
Presentation - business or event - internalper product/per hour440
Presentation - business or event – externalper product/per hour880
Promotional Video – audio Introduction onlyper product/per hour250
Promotiinal Video - Hype or showreelper product/per hour620
Radio - 1 state *per product/per hour (up to 5 tracks)
330 - 400
Radio - More than 1 State (Australia) *per product/per hour (up to 5 tracks)
365 - 470
Radio + Digital Bundleper product/per hour (up to 5 tracks)
545 - 705
Research Narration- Not for broadcastper product/per hour190
Talking Productsper product/per hourPOA
Trade Showsper product/per hour 
550 - 880
Translationper 100 words or part thereof55
TV - 1 state *per product/per hour400 - 725
TV - More than 1 State (Australia) *per product/per hour 
530 - 1055
TV - International (outside Australia)per product/per hourPOA
TV + Internet Bundleper product/per hour 
715 - 1425
Webcastper product/per hour620
Xtras - Accents - per accentper product/per hour150
Xtras - Cartoon/Animation Voice - per voiceper product/per hour150

Xtras - Character voice- see definition below

per product/per hour150
Xtras - Auditions/Submissionsper product/per hour175
Xtras - Studio Production + Engineerper hr200  ( 3 hr min may apply)
Xtras - Artist travel -Live performanceat costPOA
Xtras - Artist Accom/Meals - Live performanceat costPOA

* Price varies depending on 3 variables : (1) Length of recording eg 30 sec or 60 secs (2) Geographic Usage Locations eg 1 state (local) or more than 1 state (regional or national) and (3) Duration of licence eg 3mths, 6 months or 12 months.

All Prices are listed in Australian Dollars (AUD) but can be billed to you in USD, GBP or EURO if preferred. Fees apply.


A call may be postponed within 24 hours of the booking without penalty provided that a further definite booking is made within 7 days of the original call. In all other cases a cancellation fee is payable. Only one postponement is allowed before a cancellation fee is incurred. If the rescheduled call is cancelled within the postponement period a cancellation fee is payable.

If less than 24 hours notice is given prior to time of the booking, a base rate of $190 per hour is payable.

Any voice or sound that is outside the range of an artist’s normal speaking voice, including any accent or voice for an animated character. If in doubt, please check with us at time of booking. Broadcast clearance of any character voice or impersonation is the responsibility of the client.

Exclusivity should not be presumed for any voice artist or any product. Exclusivity is by negotiation only.

The rates in this rate card are minimum rates only. We are free to negotiate rates with producers/ advertisers in excess of the rates set out herein, provided that where a single television track is intended to run with different tags (as defined) in a large national campaign that is substantial in nature and there are to be multiple tags produced in one session, then we may negotiate rates other than those set out in this rate sheet.

Double fee where the performer’s name (either visually or audibly) is to be used in conjunction with any campaign.

Where use exceeds the contracted period a rollover must be paid. The producer/advertiser must advise us before this occurs and arrange for the rollover fee to be paid. Rollovers are charged at current rates.

“Submission” is defined as a recording where a performer is asked to voice a proposed script for a commercial for demonstration purposes only. A submission track may be broadcast provided a final/ broadcast fee is paid. If a track is a submission, this must be notified to us at the time of booking otherwise the full fee is payable. It will be assumed, unless otherwise notified, that all submissions (excluding research-only tracks) are going to air. The balance of the final fee will be invoiced within 30 days of the date of the recording.


In-Store,Point of Sale,In-Flight,Trade fair,Outdoor, Stadium Usage: Payable at 100% of the applicable TV or radio fee provided that where three of more of these additional media are required concurrently,a maximum double fee is payable.Other usage or mediums by negotiation. Other usage or medium such as Television and Radio Station Promos, Mobile Phones, Electronic Scoreboards, Shopping Centre P.A.s, Kiosks, Talking Products, Street Vision and other electronic broadcast utilities. Fees by negotiation.


A tag is confined to the following information added to the end of a track: business name, location, phone number or information which relates solely to the legal requirements of the jurisdiction in which the commercial is to be communicated. A recording may be considered a tag if it updates a track with the above information and where at least 1 full final fee has been charged. A tag or tags can only be added to 1 original main track and must be run in an identical format in all markets. In cases where multiple tags are used, rates by negotiation.


Double loading per country, excluding US and UK which are by negotiation and New Zealand, Singapore and Hong Kong which are charged at Australian national rates.

Usage considered to commence from date of recording unless otherwise notified.

The Commercial Voiceover rates listed above are the industry minimum rates for the engagement of Commercial Voice Over Artists in Australia. These rates have been developed by Equity in consultation with the Communications Council of Australia. 
Rates current as of : May 2020
Voiceover International -Level 3, 66 Berry St, North Sydney, NSW 2060, Australia  1300 922 122
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