Preparing your Tour Script

How to create your Real Estate video

In order to have a smooth recording session with your VoiceOver Artist you will need to prepare a readable script. Note the word READABLE. Many people write like they are preparing a PHD dissertation, sounding too formal and verbose. Others write like they are just out of primary school…making things sound too simple. Just like Goldilocks…we want the script to be JUST RIGHT.


Choose language that is colloquial. Like someone is talking to you. Short sentences and descriptive words will work well. Try to find interesting yet natural ways to describe the home. Walk us through the rooms as the static shots change. If you are needing the voiceover artist to narrate along with a video, you’ll need to indicate on your script, block by block, where the narration should sit. 

Contributed by J Jordan for - Making your words sound wonderful.

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