Choosing your Real Estate Voice

It depends on who you are selling to



Showing your prospective buyers a video of a property they’re considering buying has become very popular lately. Especially as many people are working, are time poor or as we currently are....locked in their homes unable to venture out to multiple site inspections.

They want to search for properties on the net without someone breathing down their neck.

So using video is a stress-free way of introducing people to a property for both agent and buyer. And of course, it's a terrific way to show off all the property’s good features.


Most videos take you room by room, showing interesting characteristics and set shots. Some videos are just visual compilations; but more and more, these videos are hastily narrated by a local real estate agent who modestly agree that they just don’t sound as good as a professional voiceover person. Sorry folks. 


Most of the time however, these videos have no soundtrack at all.

Imagine if your Real Estate agent took you through a house and didn’t tell you anything about it. That would be a bit strange wouldn’t it? It’s nice to have a few features pointed out as you walk through the place. It’s also a great way of directing the attention of the prospective buyer to things that they might otherwise miss.


There is a way to structure a Real estate tour that works best. It goes like this. 


The first thing you need to do is to show people the context, i.e. how the property fits within the environment. Basically, a shot of the outside will do nicely. 


Then you have to move from room to room. Probably the best way to do this is to follow the natural progression someone would follow to move through the property. They will probably start in the hallway or maybe move directly into the lounge room or kitchen, depending on the property’s configuration.


As the Real Estate agent, it’s over to you to control the way that the prospective buyer views the property. You'll want to design the viewing “route” that shows off the property’s strong points. 


Maybe it’s better to enter through the front door rather than the side door or garage that the usual owner tends to use naturally. We get into habits when we live in properties; we take shortcuts. However, if you want to sell to a buyer you need to empower the process and organise the best way to display the property for the seller.

Now with video, you can do that. And if you add audio to a video you can do that even better...and you don’t even need to be there.


When you choose a voice for your Real Estate tour, you need to find a voice that suits the person you’re selling to. If you’ve got high end, valuable property you may want to have a classier sound. If you’re selling to people who are more interested in a family home, you may want someone who sounds approachable and friendly. 


Some people like to buy from a male Real Estate agent and some from a female. You will want to decide who (what voice) might sell your property best. Also, worth noting…You may also want to have a voice that reflects the brand of your real estate agency.

Bottom line… You need to know who you’re selling to, your ideal client, and then choose the voice that will fit. Bearing in mind, when people are buying a new property, they’re aspiring to improve their situation. A good voice combined with good video can help reassure them and build trust.


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