The Internet of Things

There'll be a voice for everything soon

They’re everywhere!

Bots, Siris, Alexas, Cortanas, talking fridges, whispering rabbits and talking doors. 


We’ve had lifts (elevators) talking to us for awhile now...but watch out…sound is taking over the planet! 


As you can imagine, this is all great news for the voiceover artist ! More work.


However, this opportunity may be short-lived as there are now software programs that can sample and formulate pretty much any voice or sound you might want. So the voiceover artist’s life is about the change big time.


For now though, if you are designing a product that you need a voice for, be sure to try a real voice first. A real human can  deliver a much more nuanced take for you. And they're much more fun to work with!

Contributed by J Jordan for - Making your words sound wonderful.

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