The Telephone Tone

how to talk so people will listen

The Telephone Tone - Group (TTG)

Great for anyone...who wants to sound good on the phone . 
Purpose :
Not a day goes by without a telephone being answered in the office somewhere. But how does your voice sound when you answer it? Do you project a professional image? The telephone is the dynamic device that connects you and your company directly to people, places and profitable opportunities...providing you know how to use it. Sounding good on the telephone can make the difference between a happy and a disgruntled customer, which naturally reflects in your company’s bottom line. Your voice is often the only part of you that the person at the other end of the line ever gets to meet. What does your voice say about you? What does your tone say about your company? Are you projecting the right image?
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What you will learn:
  • This is a workshop all about your voice and the phone. In it you will learn…
  • How to project a friendly and caring tone.
  • How to sound convincing, authoritative and persuasive.
  • How to get people to listen to you.
  • How to control the speed at which you speak.
  • What to listen for in other peoples’ voices.
  • How to match your tone with theirs and masterfully lead them into listening to what you’ve got to say.
  • Breathing techniques to help you keep cool when the pressure “hots up”.
  • How to deliver a clear message and get the results you want.
  • And much, MUCH more! 
Scheduled The Telephone Tone - Group (TTG)

CourseCodeDurationLocationCost (gst inc)Type
The Telephone Tone-IndividualTTI4 x 1 hr sessions Sydney $1375Individual
The Telephone Tone-Half Day WorkshopTTT-H1 x 4 hr workshop Australiawide $4235per Group
The Telephone Tone-Full Day WorkshopTTT-F1 x 8 hr workshop Australiawide $6295per Group

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Contributed by J Jordan for - Making your words sound wonderful.

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